Message from the Founder

After years of observing the failures of our current abstinence-based treatment models, and the zeitgeist that perpetuates them, I became a firm believer in the power and necessity of the acceptance of harm reduction-based treatment models.

In winter 2016 I lost two dear friends to opioid overdoses. Frustrated and infuriated, I began brainstorming actionable ways to combat the opioid epidemic. Suspecting that fentanyl-laced heroin had been the cause for both of my friends’ deaths, I researched fentanyl test kits and found one Canadian pharmacy that was distributing fentanyl test strips amongst their customers. After a bit of digging I managed to tap into their source, ordered some test kits, and began distributing them amongst friends.

As the epidemic in front of us worsens, it has become clear to me that I need to expand my efforts beyond the people I know. I believe that the knowledge that comes with using these test strips can mean the difference between life and death, and that all drug users should have access to this powerful tool. We started this project in memory of my dear friends Adam and Billy, and may their generous spirit live on through the efforts of our harm reduction initiative.

– Sam Donnelly